The following are what I am working to complete when I become President of Division 30 in August of 2018. Please note that some work has already started in preparation of that time.

Comprehensive Pre-Convention Training

While we have run very successful pre-convention workshops in the past, the single-day format of APA workshops is not long enough to include all of the content necessary for ASCH or SCEH training standards.  I am communicating with the APA about the possibility and logistics of a 2019 multiple-day training workshop. Such an offering would have multiple benefits:

  1. It would foster interest in Division 30.
  2. It would lead to a potential increase in the number of people using hypnosis in their practice.
  3. It would generate interest in the respective local hypnosis society, as it would attract potential members through APA’s advertising.

I would make it a priority to reach out to APAGS and the Office on Early Career Psychologists, as well as other divisions to promote this training to its members.

Programming for Experienced Members

A member survey conducted in 2014 found that some respondents expressed a wish for more Convention programming geared towards experienced members, and that too much of a focus was placed on recruiting new members. I make it a goal for the 2019 Convention to offer more CE-credit intermediate and advanced workshops to those who use hypnosis already in their practice. By creating a pre-convention workshop for students and Early Career Psychologists, more time can be dedicated to serving the needs of experienced members.

Partnership with Professional Hypnosis Societies

Division 30 has proudly maintained the traditional link of hypnosis to the field of psychology. However, many of the best hypnosis researchers and practitioners are only members of other societies, such as the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, the Society of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis, and the International Society of Hypnosis. Their members would be eligible for either membership or affiliation in Division 30, but the current setup of joining the Division is complicated and confusing, especially if one is not a member of the APA.

Update: We have established a collaborative program in April of 2018 with SCEH. More details will be provided soon.

Creation of Curriculum to Teach About Hypnosis

I believe that the relatively brief coverage given to hypnosis in undergraduate psychology programs is presented in a way that may inadvertently lead to a misunderstanding of the topic. Over a decade ago, Division 30 created a PowerPoint as part of an all-Division initiative. I would like to make it a goal of the Division to promote hypnosis and encourage teaching about it (and not teaching how to do it) to high school and undergraduate psychology students. To that end, I would form a committee to determine which information is most important about hypnosis and synthesize into a curriculum that can be adapted into any introduction to psychology course.

Update: The committee has been authorized by the EC of Division 30. Recruitment for committee members is underway.

Archiving of Convention Posters and Presentations

Current APA rules prohibit Divisions from recording Convention presentations. I believe that this a bad policy since many important presentations will never be accessible to those who were unable to attend the original presentations. However, until these rules are changed, we are required to abide by them. I propose that Division 30 create a members-only accessible portal, with the help of APA, through which members can access and view posters and PowerPoints, which would have been archived with the permission of the presenter. This would create content for our members, the potential for presenters to reach a larger virtual audience, and an avenue of accessible hypnosis research that gray literature databases may not be able to provide.

Creation of an Educational Fund

I would like to create a separate fund to provide grants to graduate students and Early Career Psychologists to help them become trained to use hypnosis in their practice and research. Donating to this fund would be a separate optional field on the member application form, through which members can make a tax-deductible contribution. I would work with Division services to explore the possibility of making this a part of the online application form for member sign-ups and renewals.